Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Town

My boss gave me this project, he wanted to display pictures of landmarks of our town at the restaurant and this is what I got so far!
Cherokee Chieftain
Old Library

One of the oldest churches, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Monument dedicated to a little girl behind the church

Craigs Miles Hall

New Library

"To Our Known and Unknown Confederate Dead"

Museum Center at 5ive Points

The Old Post Office

Corner of First and Ocoee Street

The Old Courthouse Bell

SkyRidge Medical Center


Julie said...

Great job on your project! I bet you had fun doing it too! Very historical!

Bea said...

Excellent - awesome pictures and very professionell

Jennifer said...

These are all beautiful Bianca! Your town looks great but of course its Tennessee, I'm from Springfield,TN and I know first hand that Tennessee has some beautiful towns! My daughter's name is Bianca, I love that name its so pretty!

Bianca said...

Thanks Julie, Jennifer and Mama!
Jennifer~ awesome choice on names! ;) Yea and I agree, most towns in Tennessee are very "photogenic"!